Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Confessions of Shopaholic

Confession of a Shopaholic 

I love this story :)) first i borrowed it from my frend..then i bought it because for me a good book is going to be mine..which is i always trying to have a good and lovely story book and now, i still collect it :))

i like to share about this book to you guys because i think this book is really good to share and too good to pass up :)) 

this book tell us about the ordinary girl which is have nothing at all for the first..and she keep telling people about how to mange their money but she alone have a money problem which is she is a shopaholic and she cannot bare with it..but someday there are some luck which goes to him and you guys must read this book to know it :))

this book also have come out with movies call Confession of Shopaholic so watch it out guys !!! :))

more about the writer and the book click here ----> Sophie Kinsella :))

see u again :D

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