Friday, May 9, 2014

The Liebster Award - saling berkenalan !


Terima kasih Cik Siti sebab sudi tag kalisha ^^.  sebelum baca siap sedia dengan snack korang. hehe harap sudi baca sampai habis.before that nak cerita syarat-syarat Liebster Award :)

  • mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
  • answer the question asked
  • nominated 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with a lots of potential
  • create 11 of your own question for them to answer.
  • notify your nominate 

dan ini jawapan untuk soalan Cik Siti :)

1.  How did you pick your blog’s name?
 -  randomly. hehe at first, i pening jugak cari nama, cause doesn't want to used the real name, then this name just pop-up in my mind. hehe so basically, Kalisha is not my real name. hehe
2. Which state are you from?
 -  i came from Terengganu ^^

 3.  Who you best friend? 
- my bestiest are mary, hanis and syikah, we are girlfriends since high school. Other than that, i also has bestiest for my university life. bella, izzah, fida and mosse, we meet during diploma and friends till now. Love all my bestfriends. 

4.  What is your greatest weakness?
 - sometimes my awkwardness is obvious around strangers. but if you know me better, we could be friends forever ^^

5.  How do you handle stress and pressure?
- i handle stress by crying haha, and sometimes En.A be a good listener during my stress-out session. hehe

6.  What are three things you cannot live without?
- handphone, money and En.A duniawi sgt kann

7. Describe yourself in three words
 -  simple, suke gelak(with bestiest), adventurous maybe. haha

8. Gold or silver?
- gold. hehe

9. Best present you got from you lover?
- secret.hehe

10. Who your lover's dream?
- someone that understand me and can accept my weaknesses ^^ (thanks En.A)

11. Your opinion about my blog?
- nice and interesting blog that keep me coming to read the new entry ^^
Anda sporting kan? Kepada yang ditag, jangan marah yer. hehe kalau sudi jawab yer. Terima kasih ^^

Ni soalan dia, ikut creativity dan keselesaan anda untuk jawab yer ^^ jangan stress2 dan jangan lupa link back to this entry k :

  1. Which state are you from?
  2. Are you still studying or working?
  3. Blogging since when and what age?
  4. What do you love about blogging?
  5. Any tips for newer blogger?
  6. What's your favorite breakfast?
  7. Your dream place for holiday?
  8. Mini Cooper or Beetles Volkswagen?
  9. List 3 things that you hate.
  10. What's your personal slogan?
  11. Tell us anything that we might not know about you.

Soalan just for fun. hehe penat sih nak create soalan. haha poning den. sape yang sudi jawab boleh inform k. Yang dah jawab boleh komen di bawah yer.

thanks so much !

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  1. Sorry ye Kalisha.. y ni untuk kenal2 sesama bloggers je kan?

  2. hahh ! jumpe dah kotak komen :')
    okey akak , ni dah jawab :)

    jemput datang , minum teh . hihiks

  3. Thanks sebab tag. In sha Allah, nanti Cik Oren jawab. :)

    1. okay. thanks taw :) nanti dah jawab komen kat sini ae. time kasih ^^

    2. Cik Oren dah selesai jawab soalan cepumas. :)

    3. Time kasih ^^ dah bc dah td. Hehe

  4. Mmg sporting la...tq sudi jawab..:)
    Untung la mr Atu kan...hehe
    Klik INTI

    1. Thanks jugak sudi tag kite. Hehe nanti sha lawat cik siti ae ^^

  5. nanti sy buat ek,tapi nak kena tanya awek saya dulu keh keh keh

    1. Uuuuu..tanya awek dulu..hihihi..pun boleh..

  6. sorry for the late response. T^T