Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Interview with Confidence ! - simple tutorial by Chesserland

Hi guys,

recently, i accidentally drop into website Libresse and I think that it is quite interesting website ! a lot of additional and useful tips for women especially. I am a loyalty Libresse user due to many reason, firstly i think it gives a reasonable price and then the quality of the product also excellent ! before this I using product K****, also good but after using Libresse, the quality can be compared. What about you guys? 

So back to our main topic. haha which is Interview with confident! Firstly you must study briefly about the company and make a revision about related topic. also don't forget to practice the famous question that going to be asked. Later on I will update about the List for famous question. It is not that I have been alot to interview ( a little bit) but I have undergo some talk that gives me alot of knowledge and I like to share with all.

Secondly, your appearance also play a vital role in leading in interview. Don't put such a heavy make up to avoid you from looking like a panda. Opps. haha actually I'm a bit off for heavy make up. I like more natural looks which is simple but nice. So here what I have gained during my searching in Libresse web. haha. They provide a simple tutorial for interview make up by Chesserland. So check it out and enjoy !!

Make up & Hair Tutorial by Chesserland

Credit to Chesserland and Libresse.
Bye guys. see you soon !

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